Saturday, March 14, 2015

The End is Near.

So, we're halfway through March and I'm about 25% done with the fourth and final installment of Rhane and Kalista's exciting journey together! I submitted those finished pages to the most brutally honest critic I know and got some preliminary feedback. 

Primed Son pretty much picks up where Blood Chained left off. Not even an hour of time has passed, so the characters don't get to take a breath and neither will readers. Even as Kali and Rhane's enemies have fallen, others rise to take their place, bringing even greater threats to the Warekin's doorstep. 

Revelations from Book 3 begin to hit home, impacting Rhane and the others in ways they can't be ready for. The twins are reeling. York is coping in the only way he knows how. And right now it is unclear if Bailen will ever find his place among them. 

Yes, I said earlier that Blood Chained would be the most emotional book of the series. 
...Now I must say that statement may no longer be true. 

Kali and Rhane are finally getting a chance at having the family they lost so long ago, but to succeed they will have to fight harder than ever.

I cannot wait to bring you this final installment of Kali and Rhane's story. So, stay tuned! Primed Son will have a fall 2015 release. 


Oh and wait until you see the cover!! It's gorgeous.

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