Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Classical Greats vs Prolific Moderns; How Does Your First Measure Up?

I roamed the aisles of adult fiction at the library and then at Barnes and Noble, randomly selecting titles of classical and modern writers whose success has made them household names. I did give attention to publication dates in order to have a decent representation of novels throughout the decades.

With the emergence of genre fiction, maybe writing has become more commercialized. Or perhaps the shift is due to the fact that writers are forced to pull in agents and editors (as well as potential readers) with a first sentence that cuts directly to the point. No more time for elaborate sentences and elegant words that can paint all sorts of meaning.

Look at the dates. Read the first lines. Compare how your first line measures up. See if you notice the shift.

Classical Greats vs Prolific Moderns

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Water Spirits, Succubi, Creepy and Cryptid in Folklore and Mythology

In this post, the creatures will progress from cute to creepy to just plain freaky. So if you’re squeamish, don’t scroll to the last images!

When writing the novel, Dark Siren, (follow the link for a free preview below) I dreamed up the main character’s supernatural characteristics as I went along, incorporating her unique abilities into the story. After I’d finished the novel, laziness prevented me from making up some weird name for this new creature I’d invented. SO, I did oodles of research, comparing her to other supernatural entities to see what she most resembled. In the end, I settled on the siren. But really, the main character, Kalista, possesses traits resembling sirens, succubi, mermaids, and the phoenix.

A previous post, Mermaids, Mythology, and the Mysterious Siren, discussed the folklore of mermaids and sirens. This article will discuss a few other cryptids: water spirits, succubi, and the tremendously disturbing manananggal.

Water Spirit
siren, mermaid, water spirit

Monday, July 15, 2013

Read Chapter One

Chapter 1

In the small town of Ridge Creek, South Carolina, a typical fall day often boasted temperatures reaching the upper sixties. With cloudless skies, endless sunshine brought those numbers even higher. Today was different. A cold front had blown in from the north. There were a few townspeople that resented it, but most welcomed the change. At least for high school girls, it made for a rare opportunity to show off their stylish overcoats and knee-high boots.
Seventeen-year-old Kalista was less concerned about fashion and more worried about not killing the boy who currently had his tongue stuck in her ear. The trendy jacket she had worn to school that morning lay in the grass, tossed aside only moments before. But Kali was oblivious to the chill. If anything, the icy air made a nice contrast to Trevor Walker’s warm embrace. Each time his fingertips grazed her bare skin, she shivered. If Trevor got his way, a lot more of her clothing would join the jacket in the dirt.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Gunness, Gozen…the Femme Fatale and the Femme Badass

In honor of the release of my new novel, Dark Siren, I’m featuring a post about some really dangerous ladies. I wish I could say dangerous and sexy, but only 2 out of 4 on the list qualify as the latter.

The Real Femme Fatale

female serial killers, belle gunness

Belle Gunness

This femme fatale was born in 1858. Her first husband died of convulsions in 1900. The second died two years later when a coffee grinder fell on his head.
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